About Dr. Gary Chu

Dr. Gary Chu completed his undergraduate studies of biology at University of California, Irvine in 1998 before earning his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2002. He began his career working with Dr. Jeff Cline of Corona in 2003 and has been in practice ever since.

Dr. Chu is a firm believer in the basic worth of every individual and the incredible healing power of the body. He has participated in numerous health fairs and seminars to inform others how to obtain optimal holistic health and enhance function as well as reduce ailments. He is an annual participant in the Tzu-Chi Buddhist Organization, an out-reach program for free health clinics. Currently he is serving as the President of the board at the Nogales Medical Plaza. Dr. Chu constantly strives to give his services; his genuine concern for others and his community are qualities that impress those that know him well. Dr. Chu is a true doctor for the people. Dr. Chu is happily married with Winnie Chu and they have three beautiful children.